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An image of the initial walkthrough tapestry.

Here are your step-by-step video guides for building a tapestry

Creating a new tapestry  →

An image of a small tapestry.
An image of a small tapestry.

Adding more nodes and editing nodes  →

An image of three nodes side-by-side.

Adding or changing node background  →

The H5P logo

Adding an H5P node  →

An image of a node.

Adding your first node  →

An image of two nodes that are being connected.

Adding or deleting connections  →

A lock icon

Changing node permissions and locking nodes  →

YouTube logo

Adding a YouTube video  →

Need more guidance? Here are your step-by-step guide documents.

Navigating a Tapestry.png

Navigating a Tapestry  →

How to Create a Tapestry.png

How to Create a Tapestry  →

Wordpress & H5P Content.png

Wordpress & H5P Content  →